Italy · Rome, Positano, Florence

General Tip: I got gluten-ed by the “gluten-free” cones in Italy, so don’t fall for that…. these cones are for “gluten-sensitive” people who can handle a little gluten unlike Celiacs.



Binario 9 3/4

I love the concept of an apertivo, which is basically like the US happy hour, except with lots of snacks (typically free with drinks). We stumbled on Binario 9 3/4. I was nervous that I would not be able to partake in the food aspect of it…but I was able to eat salty popcorn and potato chips alongside my prosecco.


Grazia e Graziella

OK, this place was amazing. SUCH a fun environment. When waiting for your table you and your company are greeted with free prosecco, and, once seated, you are greeted with potato chips at the table. I highly recommend the rice with Asparagus and grana cheese… thick, creamy consistency and incredible flavoring. One of my favorite meals abroad.




Casa e Bottega

A MUST for Brunch, incredible view, and beautiful decor. This is one of those places, however, where they will only offer lunch if you miss brunch. Other half of restaurant consists of items made by Italian artists and sculptors.


Highly recommend avocado gluten-free toast with fried egg, but there were plentiful gluten-free options.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

& the view…

Ristorante Max

Loved this place right off of the water. Tell them you are a celiac and they will accommodate you. When everyone received bread and olive oil/balsamic at the beginning of our meal, I was given my own basket of gluten-free bread. One of the only times I have ever been able to eat bread along with my friends, instead of just watching!

Absolutely the best pasta I have had in years, no doubt…. Gluten-free penne pasta with eggplant and buffalo mozzarella. 



Le Vespe

A must for SUNDAY brunch (Sunday brunch menu is different than brunch menu on other days). Incredible food in general, and fun atmosphere. Endless options for the gluten-free diet.


I highly recommend the “Salmon, Avocado, and Eggs” which is house cured salmon and scrambled eggs on seed bread with avocado and home fries. Ask for it gluten-free and you will receive the meal on delicious gluten-free bread!

Mister Pizza

Delicious gluten free pizza/calzones right by the Duomo. This place is known for good drunk food, but I happily went in the light of day, and I had company because it is THAT good. (Also, picture is from Trip Advisor… I was too engulfed in the meal to take a picture)

Panini Toscani


Also right by the duomo as you can see…I had a charcuterie board from them in lieu of a panini. Took gluten-free requests seriously, prepared board with gloves, etc. It was nice to take part in the experience of this place which consists of sampling authentic Italian cheeses and meats, learning about them, and then choosing which ones to include in your order.

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