Germany · Munich

Food & Refreshments

T7 Cafe & Resteraunt- Absolutely loved this resteraunt. Had delicious gluten-free toast and heart shaped butter with my eggs/bacon. Also, truly best eggs I have EVER had. Owners are incredibly friendly and accommodating. They also spoke prefect English because they are originally from London. Adorable atmosphere as well.

Frühlingsfest (Springfest): the Beer Festival you don’t want to miss …

Me & my sparkling wine in the tent

My Celiacs diet has been put to the test many times during my travels abroad, but I thought that I would truly hit a roadblock at Munich’s Springfest. I was warned beforehand that the lack of gluten-free options would be a nightmare for me. I was told that my options would be limited to beer and pretzels, unless I snuck nips and granola bars into the theresienwiese (tent) …

Although beer and brezn (pretzels) were BY FAR the most prominent, they were absolutely not the only options available. Pictured above is me with some lovely schaumwein (sparkling wine). This was a refreshing, sweet alternative to beer. I also saw people with mixed drinks. As for food, try halbes Wiesn-Hendln (roasted chicken) without the sauce as it may contain wheat flour.

I hope my experience can offer anyone traveling to Springfest on a gluten-free diet some solace. Of course Springfest is about more than just the beer and heavy food, but it sucks not being able to eat or drink anything nonetheless!! Do not let your gluten-free restrictions deter you from enjoying this event, or Oktoberfest for that matter. I imagine that there would be even more options at Oktoberfest, because it is so much bigger than Springfest.

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